The Saffron Collection
One Collection, Infinite Stories

Where stories never end

The Saffron Collection

Saffron Collection is an anthology of boutique hotels and resorts each narrating their own timeless tale, and introducing you to the characters, architecture, and history that makes Saffron Collection so distinctive.

Journey the silk road with King George III, the Sultan of Kedah, and Sir Francis Light to The George, Penang. Come ashore at Bang Sarae Thailand, a hidden coastal gem and the site of the 300-year-old Thai Royal Naval fort,

originally built with pirate gold. Discover Vietnamese culture at The Five Residences Hanoi where the harmony of the natural elements is perfectly aligned to restore inner balance.

Welcome to Saffron Collection, where infinite stories await.

Timeless Tales

Wherever your journey takes you, and whomever you meet along the way, it’s the stories we hear, and the lessons we learn that make travel so valuable.

Enter a world where Asia’s greatest stories come alive. From fables and folklore to the histories of the extraordinary cast of characters who have surrounded our hotels and resorts, we invite you to explore modern cities via ancient walking maps, learn from local authors, or snuggle down to enjoy the nostalgia of a bedtime story.

Extraordinary People, Beautiful Places

Saffron Collections’ boutique hotels and residences focus upon our colourful destinations and the individuals who helped create them. Our mission is to introduce these wonderful people, and the places they’re so proud of, to you. Imbued with the timeless tales of the properties & characters that created them, The Saffron Collection is an ambassador of culture, mesmerising travellers from all over the world with the soul of each hotel.

Feed Your Soul

It’s the generous welcome framed with a bright smile that greets you at the front door. It’s the delicious new flavours that await you in an elegant private dining room. It’s the soft scent that billows from crisp clean linen that gently lulls you to sleep. Saffron Collection will immerse you in the glow of warm, sensual spaces that exude a genuine charm to nourish your mind, body and soul.

The Saffron Collection